Rapid Tooling Matrix

From: Ben May (benmay@pdd.co.uk)
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 19:00:10 EEST

Hi folks

I'm sorry to bring up this perennial chestnut again but does anyone know if
an IMPARTIAL rapid tooling matrix has yet been created. It seems that the
factors that determine preference for 1 system over another are so many and
varied that I am finding that I am repeatedly having to obtain quotes from a
selection of suppliers (and this despite the fact that I studied RP and RT
applications at Warwick University and am therefore probably more informed
that most other design managers!). Given that in each case only one supplier
can win, I'm conscious that others are going to start to feel that they are
being used as a stalking horse and may become less inclined to quote. An RT
matrix has the potential to make design managers more informed and therefore
cost RT bureaux less in quotes for lost causes.

I'm looking forward to your replies

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