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Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 15:20:03 EEST

Hi Greg

We've been plugging away with laminate tooling for a few years now. We are
not the only ones - there are various groups around the world who are either
working on or have worked on the idea before. We have applied it to
injection moulding and pressure die-casting. The concept is not rocket
science and we have found that some companies have taken up the idea
themselves with little help. As a generalisation laminate tooling is suited

Large Components: the larger the better and this is only restricted by the
size of the profile you can cut into each sheet.
Inclusion of conformal cooling:
Bulk Removal: removing large parts of the internal geometry of the tool to
remove wieght for such large tools

Issues include bonding and finishing as with most processes.

Get in touch if you want more


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Hello group-

I am looking for information/opinions/experiences on LOM with metal


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