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Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 16:09:27 EEST

will pattison here, from ignition. we have a full service prototyping
facility on-site, and we make a lot of plastic chips with our 4 cnc
machining centers. due to the telecom and other high-tech clientele we do
product development for, we tend to machine lots of functional prototype
light pipes and badge lenses. in general we find that lexan machines poorly
and is relatively difficult to polish. for both reasons we use acrylic to
make almost all of our prototypes that will ultimately be molded in lexan.
it machines cleaner, polishes easier, and offers no noticable functional
difference. i hope this helps!
will pattison, idsa
product development
plano, texas

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Dear list,
Is it possible to have clear appearance after Lexan being machined? Thanks.
Clara Chen <>
SyncTech Inc., Taiwan
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