Date: Sun Aug 26 2001 - 23:59:49 EEST

Hi List,

Been a while since I've visited, but have a question that may be pertinent to
this group and users. I've come across a company in the Southeastern US who
is manufacturing handheld size Class 2 medical device. They want to expand
their market and offer their services as a contract manufacturer to other
medical companies. They will do R&D through manufacturing through packaging
of Class 1,2, or 3 devices and will be competitive with off shore and across
the US border contract manufacturers.

My questions for the group:

1. Does anyone know existing manufacturers representatives for this service?
2. Are there other groups who provide support for such a company and services?
3. Does anyone know of medical manufacturers who use this service?

I'm in the fact finding mode right now and really appreciate any feedback the
group can provide. Please respond directly to my e-mail address, as well as
the rp-ml, as I currrently do not subscribe. I'll be willing to compile the
results and post them if it is of interest to any party.

Thanks much,

Kevin Robertson

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