Re: STL To SLC to toolpaths

From: William Morgan (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 16:51:03 EEST


Here at Vintage Industries, we use Mecsoft's VisualMill software to
directly machine from the stl file. It works great. You might want to
download a demo at


Bill Morgan
VP Engineering&Systems

Vintage Industries
781 Big Tree Drive
Longwood, Florida

> "Aditya A. Parikh" wrote:
> Hi group,
> This is my first posting on the list, I am a researcher at argonne
> national labs, illinois, usa. I am looking for a way to convert .stl
> files into .slc files and generate conventional toolpaths (.nci) for
> desktop milling. I use Stratasys FDM 1600 3D modeler and Quickslice
> software to generate the .sml file for the modeler. I also have
> masterCAM 8.1 to generate toolpaths.
> Urgent help would needed.
> Thanks.

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