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From: jim quinn (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 20:48:40 EEST

Elaine -

re: nano/RP thread below

If you are talking about nano-manufacturing, then there is
a long way to go. Most of the current MEMS work is still meso
or micro at best. Even for litho, 0.1microns is 100nanometers.



> From Mon Aug 27 13:27:24 2001
> To: RPML <>
> From: Elaine Hunt <>
> Subject: a new thread
> I am interested in hearing opinions about how nanotechnology and RP will
> one day combine or merge and impact product development. IBM's latest
> development in transistors is a great example of size reduction and this
> development will lead to a new breed of computers. What do you see
> happening in the area of CAD for nano objects, hardware development,etc?
> Elaine

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