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Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 01:36:33 EEST

In unrelated research I found that chemical vapor deposition of diamond was being
looked into for next generation microchips. Also, Carbon 60, or Buckyballs were
being experimented with for circuits since they formed hard tubing very well.
Beyond that I have no idea but it would seem that RP's layering techniques would
be very well utilized for laying down the circuit patterns.

Steven wrote:

> MEMS is at the Nano level and has been for years. I was the cognizant
> Licensing professional for 5 years for the UC Berkeley Sensor and Actuator
> Center and have some knowledge of the advances in the area. However as far
> as RP goes, there is nothing presently commercially available that is able to
> lay down circuitry on a nanoscale. However there has been a lot of
> development at SRI International and other institutions for using printing
> technology for deposition of circuitry onto flexible and nonflexible
> substrates. In deed there is much that has already been done to lay down
> gold, copper, and platinum for the purpose of printing batteries and active
> and passive circuits. That technology has been licensing to Avery Denison
> for printing of RFID tags for passive antitheft devices. SRI was also
> developing methodology for printing larger hybrid batteries for automotive
> use. The same type of equipment that was developed for its RP and printable
> circuits technology was to be used for this purpose.
> The IBM technology is far, far advanced, but it remains to be seen how
> quickly the technology can be introduced. Since it is post silicon
> technology, new manufacturing processes will have to be developed before it
> can be introduced in to a chip of any kind. New facilities for new
> processes, BiCMOS, cost about a billion dollars; not a small sum. However
> since I am familiar with all the steps that the process may require (the
> fewer, the better), it may actually be less expensive once the mass
> production process is perfected.
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