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Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 19:38:29 EEST

Stereolithography Materials - Direct Distribution from Vantico

Termination of Distribution Agreement
    The exclusive Distribution Agreement between 3D Systems and Vantico,
    whereby 3D Systems are the exclusive distributor of CibatoolŽ SL
    materials will be terminated with effect from 18th February 2002.

    3D Systems have been given notice of our intent to terminate this
    agreement, and the termination period is six months from 18th August

Reasons for Termination of the Agreement with 3D Systems
    The dynamics of the rapid modeling and rapid prototyping markets are
    changing and Vantico recognizes the need to change with them to meet
    increasing customer demands.

    By going direct to the market place Vantico will be able to focus more
    completely on the customers, providing better service and improved
    technical and application support.

    Rapid modeling is an important and fast growing market and Vantico
    recognises the need to maintain a closer understanding and a more direct
    involvement in this area to support our customers in the future.

Future Sales and Supply of Vantico SL Materials
    During the six-month termination period 3D Systems will remain the
    exclusive distributor of these SL materials, and sales and promotion of
    these SL materials will only be via 3D Systems.

    After the six-month period, from 18th February 2002, Vantico will be
    selling SL materials directly into the market place. In the interim, the
    organization and mechanisms will be set up to do this on a global basis.

    Customers will be able to purchase SL materials directly from Vantico
    through direct, local purchasing channels on a worldwide basis after
    18th February 2002.

    Vantico SL materials will still be available for sale through 3D Systems
    as a non-exclusive distributor, for any customers wishing to continue to
    purchase from 3D Systems.

    Vantico and 3D Systems have agreed to make the transition as easy as
    possible to the customer base.

    If customers have any supply problems regarding Cibatool SL materials
    during this six-month termination period, they should contact their
    local Vantico sales office, or use the help line numbers listed below.
    Vantico will then support the speedy and efficient resolution of any of
    these issues.

Vantico Stereolithography Materials
    There will be no changes to the formulation or quality of any Vantico SL
    materials without prior notification to the market place.

    Manufacture and packaging of all materials will remain unchanged and
    unaffected by the cancellation of this agreement with 3D Systems.

Technical Customer Support
    Technical customer support for all SL Users purchasing Vantico materials
    will be available on a worldwide basis.

    Servicing of Vantico SL materials will be available to all Vantico
    customers on a worldwide basis.

    Additional personnel in the areas of marketing, product development,
    customer support and sales, will be added to ensure Vantico can respond
    to customer issues in a fast and effective manner. They will be
    operational at the end of the six-month termination period.

New SL Products from Vantico
    Vantico will continue in the development of SL photopolymers and will
    introduce new and improved materials to the market according to customer

Branding of Vantico SL Materials
    Following the sale last year of the Adhesives and Tooling Division of
    Ciba Specialty Chemicals to MGPE, to form Vantico, the brand name of
    Cibatool will be phased out. A new brand name of Ren ShapeŽ will be
    introduced at the end of 2001 and the SL materials will be marketed
    under this new branding.

Future Pricing of SL Materials
    Vantico will draft a new pricing policy and any pricing issues will be
    discussed after the end of the six-month termination period.

Additional Information For SL Users
    Additional information will be made available during the six-month
    termination period to inform customers or potential purchasers how to
    buy materials directly from Vantico. This will be done by direct contact
    from Vantico sales and marketing personnel, through customer mailings
    and on the Vantico web site.

    An information and help line will operate from the 23rd August 2001, for
    any customers with concerns or questions. The following contacts will be
    available to support customers:

Country / Region Contact Name Tel No. E-Mail Address

USA Tammy Ritter (517)-324-1325

EUROPE Melanie Kemp +44-1223-493011
                  Roland Searle +44-1223-493010

ASIA-PACIFIC Melanie Kemp +44-1223-493011
                  Roland Searle +44-1223-493010

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