Re: does this mean I can't make biscuits?

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Welp! This is the beginning of the food generator that makes the item of your choice, eventually by voice command. Hmmm? Where have I seen that before?
Star Trek!!! Wow!
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  Will the patent agency stop everyone from cooking and making 3d objects. Looks like a winner for women and lawyers and a bummer for men!

  I get first dibs on him cooking at my house...uh...wonder what the charge will be?

  Wonder if this will be another home cooking party?

  Gosh from a new brain to a new cook all in one day. I am overwhelmed!

    United States Patent 6,280,784
    Yang , et al. August 28, 2001

    Method for rapidly making a 3-D food object
    February 10, 2000
    Rapid prototyping and fabrication method for 3-D food objects


    A freeform fabrication method for making a three-dimensional food object from a design created on a computer, including: (a) providing a support member by which the object is supported while being constructed; (b) operating a material dispensing head for dispensing a continuous or intermittent strand of food composition in a fluent state; this food composition including a liquid ingredient and a primary body-building food material and the dispensed food composition having a rigidity and strength sufficient for permitting the food composition to be built up layer by layer into a three-dimensional shape in a non-solid state; and (c) operating control devices for generating control signals in response to coordinates of the object design and controlling the position of the dispensing head relative to the support member in response to the control signals to control dispensing of the food composition to construct a 3-D shape of this object. The method optionally includes an additional step of applying a heat treatment to the 3-D shape after this 3-D shape is constructed. This method can be used to form an intricate shape of a cake mix, which is then baked in an oven. It can also be used to form a custom-designed decorative shape on the top surface of a pre-made cake.

    Inventors: Yang; Junsheng (Auburn, AL); Wu; Liang Wei (Auburn, AL); Liu; Junhai (Auburn, AL)
    Assignee: Nanotek Instruments, Inc. (Opelika, AL)
    Appl. No.: 537115
    Filed: March 28, 2000

    Current U.S. Class: 426/231; 425/112; 425/375; 426/512
    Intern'l Class: A23P 001/00; B32B 031/00
    Field of Search: 426/231,512,516 425/112,375 700/118,119,196


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