New SL Opportunities @ Vantico

From: Bommarito, Darlene (US EL) (
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 18:56:42 EEST

Vantico's Adhesive and Tooling Division has multiple open positions for
technical specialists with Stereolithography experience. The openings

SL Resin Field Service Engineer(s):
* Assist with applications support, assisting customers choose
materials and exploit new applications.
* Optimize the parameters for our materials on customers' SLA
* Train customer personnel in the use of our materials, both at
installation and on an on-going basis.
* Perform regular quality control checks (viscosity, window panes,
etc.) on SLA material at customer sites.
Positions open in USA and Europe.
For these positions please contact
<> or by phone (517) 324-1452 .

SL Applications Engineer:
        * Applications Development for SL resin Products
        * Building cured parts to support sales.
        * Resin property characterization.

SL Resin Development Chemist:
        * Develop new high performance SL resins
        * Develop process parameters

Positions open in Los Angeles, CA.
If interested in these positions, please contact
<> or phone 818-265-7215.

equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

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