FW: Looking for Glass Prototype Models

From: Finley, Andy (Andy.Finley@sturm.sulzerpumps.com)
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 23:44:50 EEST

   Hello Eric,
     I work with Jim Pike at Sturm Inc. in Barboursville WV. We are
currently working on a simple mold for a glass company in a neighboring
town. It is just a bowl and only requires the desired shape to be machined
into a chunk of aluminum. If what you want is this simple I can check with
the glass company and see if they are interested. They are by no means a
high-tech company. They might be able to help if it's a simple part and the
mold is supplied. We don't have a close working relationship with this
company and don't know their capabilities but if you can give me an idea of
what this part looks like I can check and see if they are interested. The
company is "Blenko Glass" in Milton WV. Andy Finley
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Subject: FW: Looking for Glass Prototype Models

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From: eric [mailto:eric@tth.com]
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Subject: Looking for Glass Prototype Models

Hello All,
Does anyone make glass prototype models, or know of someone who does? We
have a jar-like component that we need to mold or cast in real glass, not
just a clear urethane.
We can provide 3D cad, an STL or even an sla model. If anyone can do this,
please let me know and we can go over specifics of the part.
Thank you,
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