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Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 06:56:00 EEST

Dear Yewheng,

Following are the details of few papers on benchmarking of components
from several RP processes:

Paper by Ippolito discusses manufacture and testing of bechmark
to investigate dimensional accuracy and surface finish:
        Ippolito, R., et al, 1995, Benchmarking of Rapid Prototyping
        Techniques in terms of Dimensional Accuracy and Surface
        Finish, Annals of the CIRP, vol 44/1/1995, 157-160.

The following paper too discusses a benchmark componenent which
has been designed to test the geometrical capabilities of RP

        Childs, T. H. C. and Juster N. P., Linear and Geometric
        Accuracies from layer manufacturing, Annals of the CIRP, vol
        43/1/1994, 163-166.

Kruth's paper, Material Incress Manufacturing by Rapid Prototyping
Techniques also discusses a comprehensive study of seven RP
processes to make the same part. It also discusses repetetive

Hope this will be of some help to you.

On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, #KWOK YEW HENG# wrote:

> hi everyone,
> I am an undergraduate undertaking a major project in researching the lastest
> rapid prototyping development in the world. I have tried looking for some
> infomation regrading benchmarking of the lastest rapid prototyping machines
> but to no avail. Is there anyone who knows or has ready infomation on the
> subject? Your help is kindly appreciated! Thank you!
> cheers
> yewheng
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