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Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 03:28:17 EEST


I do not recall mentioning that Solidimension exhibited at EuroMold (I'm
pretty sure they did not), but I have seen the machine operate in Israel
and reviewed many parts. The ones I've seen are mostly clear with a blue
tint, similar to that of a light blue disposable contact lens. Note that
the edges of the layers prevent those areas of the part from being as
clear. To the best of my knowledge, the machine does not produce
multi-color parts; only monochrome.

I may be able to provide a reasonably accurate description of how the
machine works, but it might be better if someone from Solidimension would
do it. That way I do not risk saying more than I should. I know that at
least one element of the process is being kept quiet.

I hope this helps.


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Message text written by Ian Gibson
>Dear rp-ml

I've looked through rp-ml and find only a short message from Terry Wohlers
regarding Solidimension exhibiting at Euromold.

Can anyone tell me more about the machine?

The web site,, doesn't say very much, but I note that it
is supposed to have colour, in PVC. Does this mean functional, colour
prototypes? Has anyone seen any output yet?


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I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

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