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Elaine -

270nm and 100nm are still not nanometer.
That is just sub-micron.

If you go to a dollar store, and buy an item
for $100, then that would be crazy.

Look in the MRS Bulletin from July 2001
for some better resolution work.


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> From: Elaine Hunt <>
> Subject: new stuff
> . Progress on nanostructuring with nanojet
> Voigt, J. (Univ of Kassel)
> Shi, F.
> Hudek, P.
> Rangelow, I.W.
> Edinger, K.
> Source: Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Microelectronics and
> Nanometer Structures, v18, n6, Nov, 2000 American Inst of Physics,
> Woodbury, NY, USA, p 3525-3529, ISSN: 0734-211X CODEN: JVTBD9
> Abstract: Nanojet technology, a high fidelity pattern generation and
> microfabrication method using scanning micro-nano nozzle, is described.
> Using three experiments, the fundamental principles of the nanotechnology
> were proved. The resolution of the etching process was found out by the
> diameter of the nozzle. In English. 2 Refs. EI2001025490350.
Extended Abstract from JVST-B Online:

Micro- and nanostructuring of a substrate by direct writing of
the structures with a localized radical jet using the scanning
probe principle is demonstrated. Electrically neutral radicals
created in a downstream plasma discharge are pumped through a
small nozzle and directed on to the substrate. Due to the small
distance between the nozzle and surface of the workpiece,
localized interaction is induced. Etched structures with 270 nm
resolution produced by a nozzle with a diameter of 250 nm are
presented. The etching rates achieved for micro- and
nanostructuring are 200 nm/min in photoresist and 400 nm/min
in silicon, respectively. It is shown experimentally that the
resolution of the process is determined by the diameter of the
nozzle, provided that the working distance is small, i.e., less than
the diameter of the nozzle. Fundamentals for the development
of a tool for direct structuring in the sub-100 nm range,
including nanofabrication of a sub-100 nm nozzle, are presented
in this work. 2000 American Vacuum Society.

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