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Anyone out there in RP land know anything about a company
called Solidica (sp?).
They supposedly have some Beta machines creating complex
aluminum tools in 24 hrs using machined layers and ultrasonic
welding. Sounds very interesting...

They are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jerry Jansen spoke
at the SME/RPA Tech Forum in Milwaukee last month, and
showed some photos of the machine as well as a part that
had been made on the system.

Beta units have been or are about to be sent to 4 companies.
Unfortunately, I cannot find my notes from Jerry at this time.
>From memory, (please allow for a poor one), in theory, any
metal that can be welded can be used, but some are better
suited than others. Aluminum (aluminium) was the easiest to
start with. We were told that the machine could lay down
2 to 4 cubic feet per day. The size was around 18 inches by
18 inches by 10 inches.

If I can find my notes, I will write more later.

Doug Mitchell

Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company

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