Re: SLS of highly porous metal part (filter) ?

From: Thomas L. Starr (
Date: Tue Sep 04 2001 - 19:28:21 EEST

At the University of Louisville we did a preliminary evaluation of DTM's Rapid Steel 2.0 (without bronze infiltration) and compared it to various grades of Mott Corporation (Farmington, CT, USA) SS316 porous metal filters. Based on porosity and permeability measurements the SLS material was most similar to Mott "0.5 micron" grade filter media. Although the mechanical strength of SLS material was lower than that of the Mott material, it was sufficiently high to allow formation of and handling of complex shapes.

Also, we have used a commercial molybdenum powder in our SLS machine to form porous metal parts. We have not measured their permeability but I expect these also would be comparable some grade of commercial filter media.

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>>> "Geir Gu­mundsson" <> 09/04/01 06:26AM >>>
Dear list

Do you know if it is possible to use selective laser sintering
to make porous part in bronze or any other metal, which
have similar properties as filters and silencers made with
the gravity sintering method? Does anyone of you have
any experience in making such parts? Do you know of
any service bureau who could make such a part?

In this case we would like to use powder that are coarser
than is normally used in SLS and the layers would therefore
be thicker.

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