Founder Readies New Book Series To Help Children Ages 6 Thru 10 Better Understand And Gain An Interest In Science And Tech nology.

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Hello all,
FYI Founder Readies New Book Series To Help Children Ages 6 Thru
10 Better Understand And Gain An Interest In Science And Technology.
COMMERCE TWP, MI -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 09/05/2001 -- With the sale of nearing a conclusion it's founder, Karl R. Denton, has begun
his next endeavor. Two of the characters that his Daughter created have been
turned into a book series called: "Clarence the Clayosaurus and Miya the
Whyosaurus Discover the Answer to:". The series is based on the two make
believe dinosaur's going on various adventures to find the answers to such
questions as: "Why don't airplanes flap their wings?", "Why is thunder so
loud?" and "What makes dads car go?". "While I intended on "Why don't
airplanes flap their wings?" being the first in the series it turns out that
a description of the Stereolithography process is the first" says Denton.
"Although the first 10 topics had already been selected I wanted to create
one that described the Stereolithography process as told by my daughter, so
the first book is simply called "Shelby and Clarence the Clayosaurus
Discover Stereolithography" and comes with a actual Stereolithography
version of Clarence" Denton continued.
The books which use Poser v4.0 and the Poser Pro-Pack from Curious Labs to
create richly colored 3D graphics are between 24 and 35 pages in length and
cover the intended topic using fun adventures that start with a question
from Miya, Clarence's companion. Each book starts with an introduction to
the two dinosaurs and a simple introduction to the topic to be discussed.
With the main body covering the details and then each ends with resources
for further learning such as websites and other more advanced books that
relate to the discussed topic.
"After a 1 hour demonstration for Shelby's 3rd grade class I realized that
kids love to learn about Science and Technology but usually turn away from
it because, lets face it, it can be boring if presented the wrong way." "I
formed to introduce the public to Stereolithography and
other rapid prototyping technologies and despite it's success, Multiple
Sclerosis (MS) is preventing me from continuing that endeavor. My daughter
expressed her disappointment with the sale of (to be
detailed in a separate news release) I wanted to maintain some form of
connection to the Engineering, Science and Technology world. The books are a
perfect fit because it requires the assistance of my daughter and with
considerably less stress involved it also satisfies my neurologist and wife"
says Karl Denton.
Further information about the Clarence the Clayosaurus books series and Karl
Denton can be found at Karl's website <> While initially the series will be self published Karl
is looking for a publisher or agent that deals in books for the young.
About, the site which went active in July of 2000 has been
offering the public an opportunity to have custom products made using any
one of several different rapid prototyping technologies. Although the site
is most known for the custom action figures and look a like PEZ dispensers
virtually any item or product can be made. The site has been averaging
250,000 hits per month and has been the topic of many news and magazine
articles. The web address is: <>
About Karl R. Denton, having started his career in rapid prototyping in 1992
while at Ford Motor Company Karl has authored over 50 papers covering
various manufacturing and prototyping topics. In addition to writing a
chapter in SME's Stereolithography and other RP&M Technologies, Karl has
been involved in teaching events for SME as well as talks at both university
and lower level educational institutions. Karl has produced many products
related to rapid prototyping such as the "Rapid Prototyping and
Manufacturing Resource Guide", RP Demos and Utilities CDROM, Rapid
Prototyping Safety CDROM, the RP ART CDROM and others. More information on
Karl's background can be found at: <>
Karl R. Denton - P.O. Box 621 - Walled Lake, MI 48382

Contact: Karl R. Denton
Phone: 248-363-1478
Fax: 248-363-7488
URL: <>

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