FDM8000 just off lease - looking for offer.

From: Kevin Lilley (kdlkevin@pacbell.net)
Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 02:50:38 EEST

We have a Stratasys FDM8000 machine fresh off-lease that will be available
next week and we're looking for a good home. It has been under a service
agreement through the end of April and will be certified by a Stratasys
Technician to be in working condition. This is not my normal product line
but I need to get an offer on this unit and it could be an opportunity for
you to get a great price. It will be the buyers responsibility for all
shipping costs and freight scheduling from the Southeast corner of the U.S..
Please respond via email ASAP. Thank you!

Kevin Lilley
KDL Solutions
28355 Industry Drive
Suite 422
Valencia, CA 91355
661-702-9444 ph
661-702-9555 fx

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