18 tons Kevlar or equivalent aramid strand needed !!

From: pmilea@oo.net
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 03:38:22 EEST

Dear Sir(s),Ms.,Mrs.,
                I have an urget request for a sizable quantity of "Kevlar"
or equivalent aramid strand. The Kevlar I need is 6320 detex, 49 strand, roving
yarn, or as I stated ,an equivalent aramid strand. This material is a yarn, not z or s
woven. I will need a price per pound . The immediate need is 3 tons a month for at
least 6 months. There are other opportunities available as well . The application is fiber optic cables. I have a spec sheet available for your review ,for the product immediately needed . If you have this product available or know of
anyone who could supply ,please contact me immediately .

Thank you,
Paul J. Milea jr
Wing N' A Prayer Telecommunications
3504 James Street
Syracuse,New York ,USA 13206

phone (315) 374-1560
fax (315) 463-4337

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