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From: A.Clinton UK Racing Castings (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 11:19:21 EEST

I came across the list recently stumbling across an old request for contacts
to cast 3off magnesium prototypes in AZ91D when search thru Yahoo.

I hope you dont mind my blatant advertising here my only excuse is we are
one of those little specialist companies you can never find when your
looking for them.

We are UK Racing Castings, a sand casting foundry specialising in motorsport
and casting magnesium or aluminium alloys. Of special interest to all you
rapid prototyping boys & girls may be that we cast low volume all the time,
protoypes for modern motorsport, defence, and electronics, but also
replacements for historic motorsport so the vast majority of our work is

We can cast upto 160kg for a single magnesium casting usually we cast parts
weighing between less than 1kg and 30kg. We also cast billets to order,
i.e. tell us the size and we will cast that size.

We also work with loose patterns which may be meaningless to some or all of
you. An example is recently a chap who designed new chair aluminium chair
arms for concorde knocked up a wooden model of what he designed to show his
custoer (BA) who liked it. He sent it to us and we used his model as a loose
pattern to make a couple of aluminium castings (because the shape was suited
to moulding and the metal contraction didnt matter much) Incidentally this
later ended in us making production patterns to produce several hundred of
these. We can also produce loose patterns which is a very cheap and
effective way of getting a metal prototype made to show you clients.

A service which may possibly of interest is replicating something. We do
this a lot for historic motorsport where they rarely have drawings but give
us a broken 'thing' e.g. a cylinder block for an old Maserati and we produce
a new 'thing' from scratch, ie.pattern equipment, castings, and machining
all from information taken from the original to make a brand new 'thing'.

Hope I havnt broken too many rules here with my one off sales pitch with but
hopefully our services will be useful to some of you.

Alistair Clinton

UK Racing Castings
Units 1-2 Thorndale Business Park
Argent Rd, Queenborough, Kent ME11 5JP
United Kingdom
Telephone 01795 585454 fax 01795 585488
for wheels :

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