Re: Graphite powder

From: Doug Groh (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 19:08:46 EEST

Yes it was the "Hauserman Abrasion process". I found reference to a
Marshall Burns RPML article by doing a search on Altavista. The article
didn't open...Maybe Marshall can comment.

Doug Groh wrote:

> If my memory serves me correctly there was a company that had a
> process that did this about 10 years ago..
> I believe it was the hauserman process. There was a company in toledo
> trying to market this process.
> Doug Groh
> (one of the old timers)
> asrp wrote:
>> Dear List, Is it possible to mix graphite powder
>> with any electric conductive bonding material ? So that we can cast
>> any shape out of this powder and use it as an EDM electrode just an
>> idea to get your views. Regards,RickArpTech

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