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Sorry for late reply. I did get some verbal information on a mouldable
electrode material around 1991. I eventually tracked it down to a company
called Erodex here in the UK.

However, by the time I had contacted them around 1994 they said that they no
longer did the material and it was very difficult to get hard information. I
believe the guy that used to run the company was most knowledgeable. If you
have any luck I would be very interested.



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My research team worked on rapid tooling EDM electrodes for over a year.
We tried compaction methods for creating EDM tools from graphite powder,
with a little bit of polyvinyl alcohol thrown in as binder. Motorola does
hold a patent for a similar process (I'll send you the patent number if I
can lay my hands on it...).



Dear List,
                  Is it possible to mix graphite powder with any electric
conductive bonding material ? So that we can cast any shape out of this
powder and use it as an EDM electrode just an idea to get your views.


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