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Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 06:19:17 EEST

New Hudson, Michigan, USA. Sept. 18, 2001. For immediate Release

IMService Releases StlWork2: a New Standard in Low Cost Cad/Cam.
        After a 4 month public beta test, IMService has released a new
version of StlWork, 3D Solid, Machining Cam Software. StlWork2 is a
CNC Cam program for producing prototype parts from .stl files. The new version
of StlWork2 strikes a blow at the high priced competition, by introducing
major capability improvements in a low cost program.

        StlWork2 allows for selection of user defined cutting zones with limits based
on X-Y-Z values, model extents, model contour outlines, offset margins, and by the
angle of inclination of the model surface.

The program uses multiple cutting operations that can specify X or Y raster, or waterline
cutting strategies with any of 4 different tool geometries, and in any combination or order.
The waterline cutting strategy is a major improvement for most CNC machines because
it utilizes the X and Y axes more than the Z, as in other similar programs. This reduces
the number of up and down movements that have to overcome the effects of both inertial
and gravitic forces on the tool spindle. StlWork waterline strategies, program most of
the cutting with the X and Y axes which are usually designed for more precise
movement, higher speeds and stronger cutting.

Post processors are provided for the most common forms of G-code, and can be easily
customized to match most any CNC machine controller. A special post processor is also
included for the Shopbot, a low cost CNC router.

A rendered 3D viewport of both the model and the resulting part, based on the specified
cutting strategies, is also included.

New functional capabilities include planar intersection slices for rotary 4th axis applications
like carving statues and totempole shaped works, and a "slabber" that automatically
creates multiple tool paths that cut 3D sections of a large model. The individual sections
created by the "Slabber" can then be assembled to form a contour map, or other 3D
shapes, that exceed the cutter or Z axis reach of the user's CNC machine.

StlWork is a tool that can be used in conjunction with 3D solid modeling programs,
to quickly turn the designer's idea into a 3D solid part. As part of the development of
SltWork, IMService has tested nearly 3 dozen low-cost, compatible, solid modeling
programs. These are listed on the StlWork web site.

StlWork2 can be used for tasks such as 3D lettering for awards and signs, for
contoured part projects like boat hulls and airfoils, for cutting statues and radial type
parts, for ornate or delicate jewelry parts, and prototypes.

For additional information and ordering, contact: IMService at:
248-486-3600, or 1-800-386-1670 US. Internet:

StlWork2 is a low cost stand alone 3D solid machining Cam for use with
CNC machines. Companion product StlTrans generates and translates
files into an .stl format to use in 3D CNC machining work. IMService
includes a copy of StlTrans with StlWork to make it easier to find
existing models or applications that can design a model in a similar format to stl.

Company History

IMService is known as THE source for low cost Cad/Cam software.
IMService is a manufacturing company and has been in the software
business since 1992. The company specializes in 2 and 3 axis
machining and engraving software, and is known for superior support.
Other popular products, developed, supported and sold by IMService,
include Vector Cam, Vcarvz, Vfontz, and IGES2DXF.

Best Regards,

Fred Smith
IMService We are THE source for low cost Cad-Cam

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