Request to quote on EDM electrode by RP/T

Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 16:07:58 EEST

Hello list,

We are currently conducting a research project on making EDM Electrodes
using RP/T techniques. Please reply if you want to quote on our test-model.
We hope to having it made in a lot of different techniques. Results will be
made available to the list of course.


Bart Kooijmans

Ing. N.M.J.P. Kooijmans

Prototyping and Tooling engineer
TNO Industrial Technology
Department Industrial Prototyping Project:
P.O. Box 6235
5612 AP Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Tel. (+31) 040-26 50 128,
Fax (+31) 040-26 50 678
E-mail <>

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