Displacement maps and RP Question

From: get3d (get3d@necoinc.com)
Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 17:22:41 EEST


We can help you with integrating of your 2d and 3d information along with 3d
routing or 3d printing of your stl output (rapid prototyping machines). We
represent and use in-house Delcam CAD/CAM softwares that can convert 2d to a
3d object for output.
You can find out more information us thru our website or give us a call here
at NECO Inc.

John Irvin
Neco Incorporated
3901 Nome Street, Unit 8
Denver, Colorado 80239
Ph 303 574 1077
Cell 303 668 1663

write to: jirvin@necoinc.com
web: www.necoinc.com
"We will find a way, or we will make one"

For more information about the rp-ml, see http://rapid.lpt.fi/rp-ml/

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