RE: Displacement maps and RP Question

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Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 18:04:51 EEST

We also have a genisys xs as one of our rp machines. Studio Max I think
would work good to get the art work out, but as long as you set your
resolution higher for generating the stl file all technologies should be ok.
For our 2d to 3d conversions we use Artcam from Delcam along with powermill,
also we utilize think3. which allows us to go out to our router or RP
machine with the same model. I would also add a 3d routed model to your list
of RP methods if you are showing different technologies and techniques.
Depending on how big your model is to be all of the rp machines will give
you different looks and information.
If you quarter is standard size, I would use either either high res. sla or
If you have any further questions pls give me a call or e-mail.


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