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Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 18:32:01 EEST


I might know one. We have once made the mistake to promise a customer we
would make one. The pattern is almost impossible to draw in CAD. Everyone
thinks it is easy until you try, it is a mind-breaker, no repetitiveness,
solidworks completely crashed on the calculations. It seems impossible to
keep the distance between all puts the same. I believe they finally made
something which resembles a golf-ball, but the possible varieties in
puts-structure is enorm. At one point the whole department spent their
lunch-brakes drawing figures of groups of puts which would create an equal
spreading of the puts but it is horrible! Haha. I do not know if the file is
still confidential and even if it isn't I am afraid they will want to charge
you for it....
Another option is the 3D laser scanner we now have of course (unfortunately
we didn't have it at that time). If you can find a line on the ball over
which it is mirror-symetric we could digitise an existing ball-half!



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        HI All

        Please can anyone help me track down an .stl file of a golf ball.
        any help would be great



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