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Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 06:22:16 EEST

New product...

This is fantastic! Karl is going to single-handedly take the world to consumer fabbing!!! Way to go, Karl.

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  Hello all,

  I wanted to pass the following along....

  The Common PEZ Interface Data Kit

  With this kit you can turn your client's logo, or for that matter you can turn your client into a PEZ dispenser!

  The interface is configured to mate to currently designed PEZ dispensers and can be integrated directly with existing CAD files or built stand-a-lone. I have made several for corporate gifts and promotional items. This has been with out a doubt one of the more popular items that I have come up with.

  Now you can offer these products to your clients.

  You get the following in this great package:

  1. CDROM with the following CAD file formats: IGS, Pro/E, ACIS (SAT), STEP, SolidWorks (both part and drawing) and of course STL.

  2. Two Stereolithography interfaces ready for use.

  3. Instructions on what software you need to produce look-a-like PEZ dispensers.

  A printable order form and more information is available at:

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