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<< cjs StationeryDear List
 Can anyone point me in the direction of additatives which when added to
 powdered materials increase their flowability. Also does anyone have access
 to any standards for the measurement of powder flowability.
 Best regards and see you at TCT
Hi Chris:

I'm no expert (putting it mildly), but it depends on the powder material
composition you want to make free-flowing, and what might be the impurities
or conditions that make it cake. There are numerous additives used in foods,
such as methylcellulose, but I suspect you might like to make plastic powder
flow. One of the important application areas for that is in xerographic
toner, and certainly most of them have additives for this.

There must also be some work or art concerning metals out there because there
are certainly applications, and recent ones include LENS and related

I would research the term "anti-caking compound(s)" first in the patent
literature and see what you can come up with that might expand the search.
Especially do a Boolean search with xerograph* or electrophotograph* if you
are working with plastics. You might also have a look at the Compendex, or
other deep engineering indices. While most of the applications should be
nitty-gritty industrial, (and hence not have a lot of academic input) it
wouldn't surprise me that someone may have written an article on the various
properties and applications for anti-caking compounds apertaining to classes
of materials.

That's how I'd start from my nearly perfect state of ignorance, anyway.

Good hunting!

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