SLS parts for my old car

From: RP Scott (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 22:15:53 EEST

Hey RP-ml'ers,

I've got a couple of antique cars sitting in the garage and now that I'm
working in the RP industry, I can't help but contemplate making a couple of
replacement parts for some of the items that aren't so easy to find anymore.

Anyone know how I can make my SLS DuraformPA parts water tight and in some
cases, chemically resistant.

Say for instance I want to make myself a new float for the carburettor.
That sucker's going to be sitting in gasoline all the time.

Or maybe a reservoir that would have to hold brake fluid.

Any suggestions on how to post process any parts I make to make them more
suitable for such applications?

Thanks in Advance.

"RP" Scott

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