Re: SLS parts for my old car

Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 00:04:04 EEST


     Sounds like a interesting project, I've often thought of using some RP
     technology to make old car parts. Why not make parts to print with
     the correct material? There must be other people looking for parts to
     old cars. For example that reservoir, model it in solids grow an SLA
     model & have a foundry cast it. Maybe trade with other people that
     have different skills. There's a lot of old cars out there that there
     are no parts for that maybe RP people could help with & have fun
     doing. I'd be interested, I have done some forming of sheet metal or
     brass using SLA tooling to form odd shapes with some success. I'd
     like to hear from you on this.


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Subject: SLS parts for my old car
Author: "RP Scott" <> ( at
Date: 9/27/01 2:15 PM

Hey RP-ml'ers,

I've got a couple of antique cars sitting in the garage and now that I'm
working in the RP industry, I can't help but contemplate making a couple of
replacement parts for some of the items that aren't so easy to find anymore.

Anyone know how I can make my SLS DuraformPA parts water tight and in some
cases, chemically resistant.

Say for instance I want to make myself a new float for the carburettor.
That sucker's going to be sitting in gasoline all the time.

Or maybe a reservoir that would have to hold brake fluid.

Any suggestions on how to post process any parts I make to make them more
suitable for such applications?

Thanks in Advance.

"RP" Scott

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