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As another person suggested, you can make injection mold tooling from old
parts and our company does this for replica part suppliers for old vehicles.
We do this by taking the old part, mounting it on a support plate and
electroforming over the old plastic part with nickel. There is simple
diagram of this on our web site at The molds are backed with
a ceramic and the replica inserts mounted in a mold frame. We use it mainly
for lenses and embossed features that would otherwise be difficult to cut
from metal. The parts are identical to the original except for the slightly
smaller size due to plastic part shrinkage. This is probably too expensive
for one off parts but quite an economical way to make new tooling from
original parts.
Sean Wise

RePliForm Inc.
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Hey RP-ml'ers,

I've got a couple of antique cars sitting in the garage and now that I'm
working in the RP industry, I can't help but contemplate making a couple of
replacement parts for some of the items that aren't so easy to find anymore.

Anyone know how I can make my SLS DuraformPA parts water tight and in some
cases, chemically resistant.

Say for instance I want to make myself a new float for the carburettor.
That sucker's going to be sitting in gasoline all the time.

Or maybe a reservoir that would have to hold brake fluid.

Any suggestions on how to post process any parts I make to make them more
suitable for such applications?

Thanks in Advance.

"RP" Scott

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