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Let me get this straight.

6000+ people are killed in an attack on the USA
Iran has officially called the USA "The Great Satan"
Among the many uses of RP is weapon design
LOM and composites are used in weapon design.
The whole world is possibly gong to war soon.
There should be NO "political" reaction on the RP-ML
And the only proper emotion is about the technology of RP.

While the RP-ML is invaluable for understanding RP, now it's also useful
in trying to understand PC.

Take care,

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I would also suggest you not bring a political subject into
your technical discussion - it seems you had crossed that
line and it is understandable Moini would be overly
sensitive to that particular subject.
Had he refused to respond to a technical subject I could
understand your objections although all you would need to do
is "walk away".
 There must be a mailing list where it is appropriate to
discuss political issues.
Paul S

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