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From: Monarch Systems (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 18:36:58 EEST

Sept 27, 2001
Attention: Sales and Contract Manufacturing Departments

From: Max Honeycutt, PHD
CEO Pro Tem
Monarch Systems International, Inc.

Our company is quickly seeking to locate a company or job-shop for the rapid prototyping and manufacture of a new, high volume consumer product. We expect supply requirements to exceed 10,000 OEM units per part within the next year.

Specifically, we are trying to locate reliable contract or other plastic manufacturing sources for the 5 part production of a plastic facial therapy mask that includes

1. a hard, stylized custom-molded outer shell with an exterior finish in metallic gold (1 product line) and metallic Chrome (2nd product line)

2. an inflatable air bladder able to withstand at least 15 psi, made of medical grade urethane or vinyl

3. a flexible electronic circuit embedded in several layers of plastic, vinyl and/or urethane, where each layer may have a different thickness (or durometer), and

4. including a layer of optically clear, medical grade urethane applied through vacuforming or similar means.

5. additionally, we will need hygienic liners made from a very thin, optically clear, medical grade plastic, vinyl, or urethane that fits inside the mask and has pull tabs to guide channels formed into both the mask and the hygienic liner that create small passage ways for the nose, mouth and eyes.

The parts in 3 & 4 must conform to fit snugly over a the size-average human face.

As we are looking to rapidly identify a plastic manufacturer or job-shop capable of completing and executing this project quickly and efficiently, a prompt and complete response is greatly appreciated.

Please indicate in your response the kinds of plastic services your company provides as well as data identifying your technological production capabilities and production capacity.

Companies or job-shops identified as matching both technical and materials capabilities will be provided more detailed information subsequently to a duly executed Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is available upon request.

Please send your initial replies to:

Tom LaRovere
Atival Systems, Inc.
Phone: 805-682-3296
Fax: 425-871-8364

Max Honeycutt, PHD
Office: (720) 748-5353
Fax: (206) 339-8700

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