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Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 20:47:36 EEST


It is the openness of the free world that allows technical and political
discussions to freely take place and gives science, technology and art a
place to grow.

The terrorists and the freedom haters who ignore, encourage and shelter them
use this openness to attack the free world.

To support our freedom we need to close off access to the benefits of
freedom to those trying to destroy it.
They have earned this with their words, their actions and their inaction or
their silence in the defense of freedom.

Leave the hate mongers to survive from the fruits of their own doctrines.

Let's not help them build weapons with composite materials or in any other
industrial way.

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Subject: Re: IRANIAN response-??? Re: LOM of composite

I would also suggest you not bring a political subject into
your technical discussion - it seems you had crossed that
line and it is understandable Moini would be overly
sensitive to that particular subject.
Had he refused to respond to a technical subject I could
understand your objections although all you would need to do
is "walk away".
 There must be a mailing list where it is appropriate to
discuss political issues.
Paul S

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