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Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 04:25:20 EEST


You question a man's need for the info he has requested on a forum that is
open and has been open for years and don't expect him to be insulted. You
sent him a private message and he responded privately but as a means to
escalate the matter and punish him, you publish his response. I dare to say
the same thing. If you have nothing of value to contribute toward his
request then do not reply. And by the way, Iran is not helping the US
directly, but it has helped us by condemning the attack and the religious
"fundamentalists" who are harbored in Afghanistan. Read the newspapers
before you go off and condemn an individual for being of any ethnic descent.
Perhaps we should not help Croatians or Serbs. How about Israelis? There
was a confirmed story of 4 Israelis who were seen cheering in New Jersey as
the WTC towers collapsed. Let's not give assistance to Sri Lankans,
Filipinos or Chinese. And don't forget those White Men in Middle America bec
ause that's where the Militiamen came from that bombed the Oklahoma City
Federal Building. Gee, you could be one of them. Maybe we shouldn't tell
you how to make a casting. You could use it as a housing for bomb. Now I
don't think that you are dangerous not should you think I am dangerous. Mr.
Moina is not dangerous unless he has some evil purpose in mind, like making a
composite weapon that can be passed through customs. Of course, it could be
just as easily sent via e-mail to a US RP manufacturer, who would gladly
accept the business because he is in business to make money. I am sure that
if Mr. Moina had said that he was willing to pay for advice, there would have
been little if any questioning of his motives or his political views. But in
the final analysis, we all have individual opinions and act accordingly. You
relationship with Mr. Moina is a personal one and perhaps you two will never
exchange info again. But do not use this forum to sway opinion against
another member. I enjoy the topics of discussion and a very little of the
off-topic subject matter. But this thread has no place in this forum or in
the American way of life.

Scott Taper
VP, Business Development
ParaMorph Systems Corp.
Business: 650-444-2572

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