The PEZ Interface

From: Karl R. Denton (
Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 16:21:08 EEST

Hello all,

Based on the response I received from the announcement of the Common PEZ
Interface Data Kit I wanted to clarify just what it is...

THE CPI data is CAD data that when merged with you or your clients CAD
data will produce a "PEZ head" note that the term PEZ Head does not
necessarily mean a human head it may in fact mean a corporate logo or
other item. I will be posting a couple of samples on the website in the
coming days. The kit includes two stereolithography interfaces. As
stated you can build the interfaces as standalone and glue what ever you
want to the top to produce the same effect. You do not receive the PEZ
dispenser. These can be purchased at any candy or 5&10 store for less
then a $1 each. When you get the dispenser take the head (object) off
and replace it with the one you created using the CPI.

I neglected to announce that there is a 33% discount for schools and
universities. The CPI has been sold and used as training aids in CAD
classes. It makes learning about design a bit more fun and the end
result can be built on any RP machine for little cost.

Karl R. Denton
P.O. Box 621
Walled Lake, MI 48390

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