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From: Steven Pollack (StevenP@DigitalJeweler.NET)
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 02:48:46 EEST

I am wondering about any copyright or trademark issues of this. Isn't
Pez owned by someone?

There have been recent legal cases that suggest that it is illegal for
the owner of a Rolex watch to have third party aftermarket parts put on
their product and to have the name Rolex remain on the altered product.
Rolex's claim was that there was a dilution of brand by having Rolex
still on a watch not of their design or making.


"Karl R. Denton" wrote:

> Hello all,
> Based on the response I received from the announcement of the Common
> PEZ Interface Data Kit I wanted to clarify just what it is...
> THE CPI data is CAD data that when merged with you or your clients CAD
> data will produce a "PEZ head" note that the term PEZ Head does not
> necessarily mean a human head it may in fact mean a corporate logo or
> other item. I will be posting a couple of samples on the website in
> the coming days. The kit includes two stereolithography interfaces.
> As stated you can build the interfaces as standalone and glue what
> ever you want to the top to produce the same effect. You do not
> receive the PEZ dispenser. These can be purchased at any candy or
> 5&10 store for less then a $1 each. When you get the dispenser take
> the head (object) off and replace it with the one you created using
> the CPI.
> I neglected to announce that there is a 33% discount for schools and
> universities. The CPI has been sold and used as training aids in CAD
> classes. It makes learning about design a bit more fun and the end
> result can be built on any RP machine for little cost.
> Karl R. Denton
> P.O. Box 621
> Walled Lake, MI 48390

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