Re: Bomb them with butter

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Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 06:55:14 EEST

The US did not force the terrorists to act as they did Bill. If you don't
like our country's policies then by all means stop doing bussiness with us.
Being a leader comes with a price. Making yourself an enemy comes with a
price as well.

Paul Jaeger

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> At 3:15 am -0500 29/09/01, Otheos AOA wrote:
> >Bomb them with butter? What an asinine thing to say. Did they take
> >out 6,000 people in NY with butter? Glenn, let's put down the bong
> >and think about what we just said for a moment, shall we?
> Do you want to win or do you want peace?
> Un fortunately your country is choosing for the rest of the
> world...................
> Bill Bedford
> Shadwell hated all southerners and, by inference, was standing at the
> North Pole.
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