DTM Laser Form ST100 bronze infiltration

From: Guido Zanini (gzanini@eosimage.it)
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 12:29:44 EEST

Dear Rp list users
We have a question about the postprocessing use of DTM Laser Form ST100, we
use a DTM 2500 plus with 100 watt laser and DTM furnace for post processing.
We use laser Form St 100 only for molds production and every time we have
problems in the corect bronze infiltration of the parts. Obviously we put
great careful in the tab's positioning and attachment at the part, in the
right percentace of bronze weight, in the placement of tabs and parts in the
crucible, in the correct cycle oven ecc. but we never have the same
infiltration results after the oven cycle, every time we have a final
postprocessing infiltration percentace less than 95% (sometimes less than
85%) and we don't understand why.
Can somebody on the list that have experience in the use of Laser Form ST100
help us, and give suggestions in order to this problem?
Any help will be very appreciated

Guido Zanini
EOS Image s.r.l.
Via kennedy, 44-25028 VEROLANUOVA (BS) - ITALY
tel. 0309361414 fax 0309361426
e-mail gzanini@eosimage.it - www.eosimage.it

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