Re: DTM Laser Form ST100 bronze infiltration

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Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 16:14:39 EEST

Can you post a sample .stl or describe the geometry? Infiltration is
definately geometry dependant.

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Subject: DTM Laser Form ST100 bronze infiltration

> Dear Rp list users
> We have a question about the postprocessing use of DTM Laser Form ST100,
> use a DTM 2500 plus with 100 watt laser and DTM furnace for post
> We use laser Form St 100 only for molds production and every time we have
> problems in the corect bronze infiltration of the parts. Obviously we put
> great careful in the tab's positioning and attachment at the part, in the
> right percentace of bronze weight, in the placement of tabs and parts in
> crucible, in the correct cycle oven ecc. but we never have the same
> infiltration results after the oven cycle, every time we have a final
> postprocessing infiltration percentace less than 95% (sometimes less than
> 85%) and we don't understand why.
> Can somebody on the list that have experience in the use of Laser Form
> help us, and give suggestions in order to this problem?
> Any help will be very appreciated
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