New! Pro/E assembly support in SolidView/Pro

From: Tom Vorgitch (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 22:01:00 EEST

Solid Concepts is pleased to announce that we now have support for Pro/E
assemblies in SolidView/Pro with the new Granite One Pro/E interface option.
Pro/E parts and assemblies from V18 through 2001 are supported. You do not
need to have Pro/E installed or a Pro/E license to use this interface. Free
trials are available from

Existing customers with the Granite One Pro/E interface can download and
install this interface at no charge from:

For more information, including pricing and upgrade options, please visit:

A STEP AP 203 and AP 214 interface is now available for SolidView/Pro and
through October 31, 2001, you can purchase SolidView/Pro CAD interfaces at
50% off, once you purchase one interface at the regular price. For all the
details, please visit:

When used in conjunction with SolidView/Pro RP's repair function, both the
Pro/E and STEP interfaces produce perfect STL files.


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