Scanning 2002

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Seventh Edition - 
24th and 25th April 2002 -
UIC Paris 15Ėme
SCANNING 2002 explores 3D acquisition and data processing : 3D scanning devices, surface reconstruction software, new algorithms, human modelling technologies for automotive, aerospace, defence, clothing, healthcare industries...
3D Human Modelling presents the state of the art in 3D surface digitisation and modelling of the human form, and explores the innovations and state of the market in the application of digital human models.


Official language of the conference is English. Simultaneous French translation will be provided
Attendees will have access to the two parallel sessions : NUMERISATION 3D and 3D HUMAN MODELLING
This is a call for paper for 3D HUMAN MODELLING. Another will be issued soon for Numerisation 3D

Papers are invited on (but not limited to) the following topics :

State of the art in 3D human digitisation
State of the art in modelling and animation techniques
State of the market and critiques from users (3D scanning devices, software, avatars...)

Practical, realistic applications - addressing the niche and mass market :
Ergonomics and dynamic modelling (automotive, aerospace...)
Biometrics, recognition, security and control (individual and crowd)
Animated avatars for visualisation and communication (web, clothes, glasses...)
Medical surface modelling (orthotics, plastics, simulation...)
Epidemiology, health and fitness (anthropometry, statistical modelling...)


                         Submission of abstracts :   15th December 2001
                         Acceptance of abstracts :   15th January 2002
                         Final papers due :              15th March 2002

Papers should be original and present new innovations. Abstracts must be between 200 and 500 words

Technical Committee :
Laura Dekker -TCTi, Bertrand Duflos - SURFACE LAB, Pascal Lefebvre-Albaret  -

Yannick Loisance - MULTISTATION, Sabine Roth-Koch - FRAUNHOFER IPA.


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