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Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 15:16:43 EEST

Karl says <None of the currently
manufactured RP processes or their materials is certified by the FDA for
interaction with food.>
Maybe the RP materials aren't approved, but there are USDA approved Food
grade urethanes available. So you could make a head and then make a mold
from it. These are challenging to use, cause you can't use mold release for
example. The Vacuum casting guys can probably tell more on this subject.
Andy Scott
Lockheed Martin Aero Sys

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Hello All,

I'm glad to see that this topic has helped divert the butter talk to
something else. I need to point out that the custom PEZ dispensers are
NOT meant for actual candy dispensing. None of the currently
manufactured RP processes or their materials is certified by the FDA for
interaction with food. I sort of have a feeling that this may one
reason that the PEZ Company does not consider this item to be a threat
to their business. These dispensers make great collectible give a ways
and that's about it. If I am asked by PEZ to stop selling the data then
I will certainly do so, but again they have been made aware of the kit,
process, and the average price per item and anything else I could send
to them. With the press (ref. LA Times article previously distributed
on this list) that I have gotten, both TV and print, over the past year
and most of it mentioning the availability of custom look-alike
dispensers ample time for a response from PEZ. Again this item does not
threaten the PEZ Company or its product line; if it did you can bet that
they would have contacted me. This is merely a method for SB's to
provide a unique item for their clients.

As is usual for this list there are a few folks (seems to me is always
the same ones) that for what ever reason spend more time trying to
squash an idea or new though then doing anything else. When was announced last year I was inundated with email that
stated that this was an idea that simply would not work. not only worked but has now been sold to a very capable
company that will take well beyond where I could have.
Why is it we are so afraid to go beyond our little world. 50% of those
that came to were businesses that had NEVER heard of RP
or the technologies and as it turns out only heard of it because their
kids told their respective owners about it. The kids found out by
reading about and RP in the various articles and
magazines. If this industry can not get beyond our self imposed walled
in world it will never survive. The traditional marketing methods and
organizations simply do not spread the word except to those already
aware of its existence. the PEZ interface and other
innovative products that take these technologies to the masses are the
only hope of turning our technologies into house hold names. To those
of you who say we don't need to do such a thing I will see you in the
unemployment line!

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