Contents of Rapid Prototyping Journal Issue 4

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Date: Sun Oct 07 2001 - 16:17:24 EEST

 Volume 7 Issue 4 of Rapid Prototyping Journal, is now available via
 the Emerald Library.
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 Table of contents follows :-
 Title: Rapid prototyping integrated systems
 Author: S.O. Onuh
 Pages: 194-196
 Keywords: Rapid Prototyping; Systems Integration; Robotics; Manufacturing;
 Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice; Literature

 Title: RP in art and conceptual design
 Author: Hon Wah Wai
 Pages: 197-202
 Keywords: Rapid Prototyping; Modelling; Art; Design; Architecture
 Article Type: Comparative/evaluators

 Title: Synthesis of functional gradient parts via RP methods
 Author: Igor Shishkovsky
 Pages: 203-206
 Keywords: Microelectronics Industry; Mechanical Engineering; Computer
 Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice
 Title: Production grade tooling via layer manufacture
 Author: K.W. Dalgarno
 Pages: 207-211
 Keywords: Rapid Prototyping; Manufacturing; Tool Design; Production
 Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice
 Title: Colour RP
 Author: Ian Gibson; Ling Wai Ming
 Pages: 212-216
 Keywords: Rapid Prototyping; Computer Software; Computer Hardware
 Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice
 Title: Rapid prototyping for direct manufacture
 Author: Neil Hopkinson; Phill Dickens
 Pages: 217-219
 Keywords: Rapid Prototyping; Costs; Manufacturing
 Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice;
 Title: Digital manufacturing - Napster fabbing: Internet delivery
 of physical products
 Author: Marshall Burns; James Howison
 Pages: 220-223
 Article Type: Survey; Comparative/evaluators

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