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Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 19:17:11 EEST

Dear Robert,

I have resin that is new and sells for considerably less than the market. I
will send you some info in the US mail.

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> During these cutback times I have been forced to raise my resin
>levels just to make parts on a daily bases. I removed approximately one
>gallon of resin and put aluminum blocks in the bottom of my vat. This will
>take up the volume. Then as you start you machine you can use the removed
>resin to top off the resin level. Be very careful when doing this. If the
>SLA machine goes through a full initialization you will break your Z axes
>elevator. The second thing you must keep in mind is when you run your
>machine; you can not run any parts larger than the distance from the top of
>your submerged blocks to the top of your resin. If you do your z axis will
>also crash as well. When you are done with using up your resin contact me.
>am looking for cheep resin. (RPC100HC, 8110, SL5220)
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>Subject: Raising Liquid Levels in SLA250
>Does anyone out there know what can be used in an SLA machine to take up
>volume in order to raise the liquid level in the vat? We're in the process
>of changing resins and want to be able to use as much of the existing vat
>possible; as we're trying to get as much life out of our current resin as
>can before the changeover.
>Any ideas you can give us would be much appreciated.
>Michael Schmit
>Schmit Prototypes, Inc.
>1801 Indianhead Drive
>Menomonie, WI 54751
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