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Besides the resin leveling, there is another inherent problem. Since the
laser beam eminates from a point location of sorts (the scanning mirrors),
the lower the resin, the bigger the parts.

I have been know to put sand in a plastic bottle (or empty resin container)
and drop it into the vat to temporarily displace resin... but don't tell

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> This is a good idea and I like the fact that people are willing to put out
> suggestions whether they will work or not. This is a sign of ingenuity.
> Weather you have a SLA250/30 or a SLA250/50 this suggestion unfortunately
> will not work. Reason being, the laser system which monitors the level of
> resin is located on the left side of the 250/30 or on the back side of
> the
> 250/50 works like this. The laser must bounce off the surface of the resin
> at a angle of about 20 degrees and hit a photo sensor apposing the laser.
> As
> the level of resin goes down the laser reflection misses the photo eye. As
> you increase the level of resin in the vat to the required level the laser
> eventually hits the electric eye and the machine beeps indicating the
> resin
> is at the specified level. By dropping the platform in the resin farther
> will not change the algorithm of machine startup. Resin level will be
> monitored before the build will start. If there was a way to bypass the
> sensing of the level of resin your suggestion would work. I don't believe
> this is possible or if anybody really wants to mess with the software.
> Keep
> the ideas coming. This is what this mailing list is all about.
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> Instead of raising the resin level up, try lowering the platform to a new
> "starting position" after every build. I never tried it before but I'm
> quite sure it can be done. Any platform lowering experts out there? Hope
> this helps. Good luck.
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> Does anyone out there know what can be used in an SLA machine to take up
> the volume in order to raise the liquid level in the vat? We're in the
> process of changing resins and want to be able to use as much of the
> existing vat as possible; as we're trying to get as much life out of our
> current resin as we can before the changeover.
> Any ideas you can give us would be much appreciated.
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