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One place that you could go for project ideas is your Industrial Design
department. I often serve as a so-called manufacturing expert on ID design
critiques, and I've found that beginning design students are quite good at
coming up with designs that could not possibly be manufactured any way other
than using layers! They typically hand carve wood or foam models that would
lend themselves to the reverse engineering and CAD portions of the course
that you refer to. Ideally, the RP students would evaluate the
manufacturability of the designs, and would modify the CAD models
accordingly (with the blessing of the ID student(s), of course). Then they
could prototype the part, make RTV molds, do polyurethane castings, etc.
Presumably, each team's redesign would be slightly different. That would
give you an opportunity to evaluate them on any number of criteria - parting
line selection, part orientation, material selection, etc.

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> Hello List,
> I am an Industrial Engineering Grduate student and I am doing a reserch
> rapid prototyping and reverse engineering. I am studing the development a
> Rapid Prototyping course and a Reverse Engineering course.
> I would like to discuss with someone the contents of a rapid prototyping
> course and details like a procedure to do a project of a prototype with
> CAD/CAE/CAM, RE and RP technologies.
> What do you think about the possibility of organize a championship who the
> competitors are groups of two students in a classroom?
> What could be a good standard equipment to manufacture in this
> ( the students must work with CAD/CAE/CAM, RE and RP technologies)?
> What would be the rules?
> Thanks in advance
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