CYNOVAD/WaxPro: New application of ThermoJet in digital dentistry.

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Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 08:33:55 EEST

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As far as I see, yet, nobody made any comment about the interesting news given below?
It shows again that there is a big potential in medical applications of autofabrication technologies...

Erkut Negis

3D Systems and CYNOVAD Sign Multi-Unit Deal for 3-D Printers

VALENCIA, Calif., and MONTREAL, Canada, Sept. 27, 2001
3D Systems Corp. (Nasdaq: TDSC) and CYNOVAD today announced they have signed a manufacturing and supply agreement for several hundred solid object printers to be delivered through the end of 2004. The agreement, if fully exercised, is valued at more than $10 million, including materials and 3D Systems service support.

   Under the agreement, 3D Systems will deliver the printers re-branded as the "WaxPro™" to be sold exclusively by CYNOVAD to dental laboratories around the world. The printers are intended for rapid manufacturing of dental prosthetics such as copings, crowns and bridges. The parts built on the printer can be used as master patterns for investment casting of metals and ceramics.

   "CYNOVAD's ability to sell directly to dental labs adds an exciting new application for digital 3-D printing," said Gordon Moore, 3D Systems' vice president for the Americas. "We expect this automated technology will be a great benefit to an industry segment that for years has relied on more time-consuming manual methods for model-making."

   "We are very happy to establish this partnership with 3D Systems," said Naoum Araj, president of CYNOVAD. "The WaxPro™ system responds to dental laboratories' needs to increase their throughput and reduce their operating costs, while keeping consistent and reliable prostheses quality."

   According to CYNOVAD's research, more than 50,000 dental laboratories in North America, Western Europe and Japan produce about 100 million restorations annually.

   The WaxPro™ process integrates the unique features of CYNOVAD's scanning and modeling technologies, developed specifically for dental applications, and 3D Systems' solid object printer. The combined technologies operate under CYNOVAD's global operating software and will provide dental laboratories with an outstanding efficient, semi-automated waxing process, which is expected to substantially reduce their labor costs.

   About 3D Systems Founded in 1986,...

   About CYNOVAD Founded in 1998, CYNOVAD is a Montreal-based company that has developed enabling technologies to position itself as the world leader in digital dentistry. The company has introduced to the dental market a groundbreaking concept The CREATION MATRIX, aimed at improving the quality, cost-efficiency, patient comfort and aesthetics in manufactured dental restorations. CYNOVAD has developed a unique ASP business concept that combines and controls the fundamental components that are required to successfully produce dental prostheses on a mass production scale, namely: the materials, the shape and the shade. More information on CYNOVAD is available at or by contacting customer service at 514/337-1444, ext. 386. An investor package is available upon request.

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