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I would agree with Lex

It is a bit like some IGES files that I have received from many different
sources over the years some are .IGE and others .IGS

They are just file extension conventions and do not form different acronyms

Also .SLI is the file extension for the slice program output file.
Though someone will probably say that it stands for 'Slice Language
Interface' format.

I have failed to find any 3D Systems publication that has stated that STL
stands for any acronym other that StereoLithography file.

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Dear Yasuo,

The "Stereo Lithography Interface Specification" as published by
3D Systems in Oct 1989 mentions:

"... These triangle files are also called "STL" for StereoLithography files
and they are typically given the file extension of .STL ..."

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings.

At 10/10/2001, Yasuo UEDA wrote:
>Does anyone know the formal name of "STL"?
>STereoLithography file/format ?
>Stereo-lithography Tessellation Language ?
>Stadard Triangulation Language?

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